Fitness in the RAF (air force basic training) is very important as you are always on the move, whether operating in combat zones or on peaceful missions, you have to be physically fit.

Being fit is about more than being able to run long distances or lift heavy weights. It’s about being able to work effectively when you’re tired and to think clearly in stressful situations – and when you join the RAF for the air force basic training you’ll be expected to do both.

You need to have the resilience, robustness and health to be ready for service. If you’re not already fit, you’ll need to start now – because before you’re accepted into the air force basic training in RAF you’ll have to pass either two or three fitness tests, depending on the role you apply for

Fitness After The Application Process

Passing all of the fitness tests in the application process is just the start.

Recruit training for air force basic training at RAF Halton and RAF Cranwell is physically demanding, so you’ll need to maintain and steadily improve your level of fitness throughout the course.

If you are fit when you arrive, you’ll get more out of the course and will impress your instructor.

You’re also less likely to pick up an injury If you’re fit when you arrive.

Set Yourself Goals

Set yourself clear, achievable fitness goals – it will give you something to  aim for. The RAF is looking for people who don’t give up. Training can be tough, but keep going.

Recruit training will test you physically in ways you have probably never experienced. You’ll have to pass routine fitness tests in order to progress to the next stage of your training.

The physical demands will become harder as the course progresses, so you’ll need to continually reassess your fitness level and set yourself new goals.

Demanding Training Programme

Recruit training isn’t just an endless routine of timed runs and press-ups. You’ll be following a demanding training programme, with long days and often very little sleep.

Physical fitness is the best way of preparing your body (and mind) for this challenge.

On day one of the training course you are not expected to be super fit, but you will need a basic level of fitness and a willingness to put in the required effort to pass the tests.

The RAF see fitness as a personal responsibility, so arriving in good shape will demonstrate that you possess the self-motivation that the RAF are looking for in their personnel.