In 2018, Supply Drop was set up by an Ex RAF Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic who had experienced first-hand what it was like to purchase the extensive number of items required for military basic training. He also experienced the consequences when you don’t buy exactly the right brand or item. Supply Drop were determined to provide a tested, complete and correct kit package for basic training that can easily be bought all in one place, at the click of a button and for an unbeatable price. Here we look at the benefits of buying Your essential training kit online

Our Complete Package contains all the essential items required on the military basic training kit list sent out by the AFCO.

Supply Drop also provides smaller broken down packages which all together equate to the Complete Package; Ironing Package, Essentials Package, Washing & Cleaning Package, Sanitary Package and the Boot Care Package.

Recently Supply Drop has set up a pick-up service at RAF Halton to save your transporting parts of your kit on the day that you join.

Supply Drop is undoubtedly the only trusted supplier in the market to offer this solution and is a proven success with recruits, saving them the time, money and stress of having to find all the correct military kit.

Here we look at the benefits of using Supply Drop for your basic training initial kit.


Benefits of Buying Your Essential Training Kit Online


Convenience is the biggest perk. Online shops give you the opportunity to shop for your essential kit items 24/7 and eliminate visiting retail shops when you have enough on your mind already.

Better Prices

Supply Drop offers better prices compared to buying using other online options or visiting retail establishments because we have direct relationships with the manufacturers. It is easy to compare prices and find a better deal and you will also save on travel to the high street or retail park.

Buying the Correct Products

As previously mentioned, the Supply Drop team have served in the armed forces and know the best brands that will meet your requirement. We know from bitter experience that it is no fun arriving on your first day with products that are not fit for purpose.

More Control

Supply Drop where you do not have to let the store’s inventory dictate what you buy, and you can get exactly what you want and need.

No Crowds

There is a fair chance that you hate crowds when you’re shopping. Especially during holidays, festivals, or on weekends, they can be such a huge headache. Also, being surrounded by crowds of shoppers sometimes makes us feel rushed or hurried and you do not have to battle for a parking place.

No Pressure

Often when we are out shopping, we end up buying things that we don’t really need, all because shopkeepers pressure us or use their selling skills to compel us to make these purchases.

RAF Halton Order Pickup Point

Our RAF Halton Order Pickup Point gives our customers the freedom to collect their essential RAF training kit right outside of RAF Halton and avoid the hassle of carrying from their home. This is especially beneficial if you have ordered heavier or more cumbersome items such as irons and ironing boards.