When it comes to finding a pair of boots for a new cadet there are several things to consider. Buying cadet boots can be a difficult process as there are many options available in terms of style, comfort, price, fit and durability.

This article considers some of the key features to look out for when purchasing boots for a new Cadet.

How Does the Boot Fit on the Cadet?

Teenagers go through growth spurts so finding a boot with some growth while providing sufficient support will be a challenge.

In the cadets your boots are part of your uniform and getting a good fit is essential. The consequences of wearing an ill-fitting while in cadet camp day can cause back pain, foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain and other issues. Instead of risking your health and wellbeing in a cheap and ill-fitting boot, make sure your boots are fit to wear from the start.

Is the Cadet Boot Weatherproof?

Season to season, wet weather can present challenges to your cadet training. Your boots must keep your feet dry to maintain your health and a well-selected, waterproof boot is vital to your wellbeing as a cadet.

Does the Boot fit in with the Cadet Uniform?

In the United Kingdom there are several Cadet Forces including:

  • Army Cadet Force
  • Air Training Corps
  • Sea Cadets
  • Combined Cadet Force

and all follow the same strict uniform rules as all other members of the Armed Forces, and this includes boots. Make sure that you know the rules and understand what boots fall within them before making a purchase that you will regret. This especially applies to the colour of the boot.

Is the Cadet Boot Easy to Clean?

Cadets must learn to keep their kit clean, and this includes your boots.

Boots are built to take muddy, gritty trails in their stride and must cleaned well and regularly to reduce the need to replace them prematurely.

Ignoring cleaning breaks down your boots in a couple of ways:

  • Every time your boots flex, particles of dirt, grit, or sand creep deeper into their leather and fabric, grinding away like sandpaper.
  • Mud sucks moisture from leather as it dries, leaving your boots’ leather less pliable and speeding up its aging process.

How Durable is the Boot?

The wear and tear of being a cadet will put a lot of strain on your kit and work your boots are put through are no exception.

If you want to make the most of your investment, you should focus on a boot durability.

Durable boots are made to function over a long period of time, hence discarding your need to constantly buy a new one.

Is the Boot Value for Money?

Cadets will go through several pairs of boots throughout their training.

A durable boot can be more expensive than their delicate counterpart. But what is the point of purchasing a cheaper boot that will not be able to stand the test of time? A one-time purchase of an exceptionally durable boot will save you from buying several delicate boots. This is good for your pocket.

Cadets Kombat Patrol Boot

Supply Drop recommends the Kombat Full Leather Patrol Boot, with a full leather upper, as is an ideal entry level black boot for someone joining the UK cadets.