Initial Officer Training (IOT) at Royal Air Force College (RAFC)  Cranwell  is  the  gateway  to  becoming  an  officer   in   the   RAF. Make sure that you purchase Initial RAF Officer Training Kit before setting off to RAF Cranwell.

Training   is   conducted   over   6   months and includes:

  1. Leadership & Teamwork
  2. Written & Verbal Communications
  3. Airpower Studies
  4. Physical and Mental Development

The recruits that have  been  selected  to  undertake  IOT  must be physically fit and mentally prepared for the challenge  if  they  wish  to  succeed.

Upon  successful  completion  of  the  initial RAF Officer Training,  a  prestigious  graduation  parade is conducted in front of College Hall Officers’ Mess  where  the  officer  cadets   march  up  the  steps to be commissioned as officers. The graduating officers   are   then   deemed   suitably   qualified   to   undertake their next phase of training in their chosen specialisation.

Initial RAF Officer Training Sylabus

During IOT, the officer cadets will be taught a wide range of subjects and they will  become  competent  in  various  disciplines including:

  • Leadership: The RAF relies upon strong and cohesive  teams  to  achieve  tasks  and  to  look  after  its
  • Physical Education: Through progressive and structured lessons which  include  cross-country  running,  circuits  and  swimming
  • Air Power Studies: Which will over topics such as  the  law  of  armed  conflict,  ethics,  international  politics  and  Air
  • Force Protection and Military Skills: Which covers a wide variety of skills including first aid, weapon handling, field craft, drill and ceremonial

RAFC Cranwell,

Initial Officer Training will be conducted at RAFC Cranwell. The officer training is mainly carried out in in Whittle Hall which was named in honour of the inventor of the jet engine.

The officer cadets will spend the majority of the training accommodated  within  the College  Hall  Officers’ Mess.

The Officer and Aircrew Cadet Training Unit (OACTU) consists of 4 cadet squadrons.

A Squadron,  is  charged  with  training  the  short  courses  at  OACTU  for  specialist  recruits  such  as  doctors,  nurses  and  lawyers.

B,  C  and  D  squadrons  deliver  training  to  the  IOT  officer  cadets  who  are  on  the  24  week  course. The squadron of officer cadets is then broken down into groups of around 30 to form a flight. In charge of each flight is a Flight Lieutenant and  a  Flight  Sergeant,  who  manage  the  day-to-day  training  requirements  and  are responsible for the welfare and duty of care of their flight.

Initial RAF Officer Training

IOT is a 24-week course comprising three, 8-week terms. The Course is delivered by experienced and highly trained RAF personnel who will challenge you intellectually, mentally, and physically.

The training aims to prepare the recruit effectively for specialist training, regardless of branch.

Term 1 Initial RAF Officer Training

The first phase is intended to effectively transition the recruit from civilian to Service life  and  includes:

  • The issue  and  preparation  of
  • Medical and dental assessment.
  • Drill and regular inspections of dress, equipment and living quarters.
  • Team building activities.
  • Intensive fitness
  • Introduction of military skills such as weapon handling, field craft and first aid training.
  • Academic elements  of  IOT,  such  as  air  power  studies,  written  and  verbal
  • The beliefs,  values  and  principals  programme,.

Term 2 Initial RAF Officer Training

Term 2 focuses on leadership and includes:

  • A week of practical leadership experiences  within  an  adventure  training  environment  where you practice climbing, abseiling or mountain climbing.
  • Leadership development  continues a more  advanced  practical  leadership  exercise  with  longer  leads,  more  difficult  tasks  and  more  arduous
  • Air Power Studies to educate on military doctrine, the ethics of warfare and critical analysis.

Term 3 Initial RAF Officer Training

Term  3  is  intended  to  develop the recruit  from  an  officer  cadet  to  a  junior  officer and includes:

  • The Basic  Air  Warfare
  • The Care  in  Leadership
  • A management
  • A week of Force Development.

At  the  end  of  Term  3,  a  Performance  Review  Board  will  decide  whether  the recruit  has   reached   the   standard   expected   to   graduate   and,   if   successful,  you  will  begin  the  start  of an intensive period of graduation preparation.

Initial RAF Officer Training Kit

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