Chances are if you are joining the British military you may not have ever touched an iron before. You may even be sitting in the AFCO right now, thinking am I the only one that can’t iron. Some have, but most have not. Ironing takes practise and will take a lot of patience. You will definately get a lot of practice ironing during military training due to the vast amount of ironing you will experience and the high standards expected upon inspection.

Having a good iron is our first tip. You want an iron that has a long lead and can produce a good amount of steam. Also, the more water the iron can hold the better. These are all things that make the gruelling task that bit easier.

Having a good ironing board is also crucial. You want a ironing board which isn’t to small, but most importantly one which has a good amount of padding. This will help with creases but will also stop you getting the metal surface of the ironing board imprinted onto your uniform.

Steam, steam and more steam, this attribute of an iron is your best friend when it comes to quality of standards. The steam helps to get the creases out of clothing, when ironing shirts and t-shirts you may find it easier if you vertically steam iron your clothes. By this we mean putting the t-shirt/ shirt on a hanger and holding your iron a small distance away, helping to get rid of those awkward creases.

If your clothes are slightly damp, don’t worry. This will happen during your time at basic training, due to the vast amount of washing and very little time. Having your clothes VERY slightly damp will help you when it comes to ironing. You don’t want your clothes to be too dry, this will make it a lot harder to iron the creases out.

Wash your shirts as much as possible and they will become easier to iron. Washing them regularly will help soften the material and make it easier for you to iron.

Small amounts of water spray will also be hugely beneficial. Regardless if you use the water spray function on your iron or with a spray bottle, both methods will help get them hard creases out.

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