RAF Regiment Fitness Test Introduction

If you choose the role as a RAF Regiment Gunner you will not do the RAFs PJFT. Instead you will be required to do the Pre Gunner Selection Course (PGSC). The RAF regiment fitness test is harder and more indepth than most other roles due to their day to day work.


What is the RAF Regiment fitness test?

  • Swim Test – 100m swim followed by 2 minutes treading water then be able to exit the pool without any help.
  • Multi-Stage Fitness test – you can find out more about the MSFT here
  • Press ups and sit ups which you can find out more about here.
  • RAF Regiment Applicant Selection Tesr (RAST)
  • 2Km/ 1.25 mile run – PTI led 500m warm up to be completed in 5 minutes, then followed by the 2km run which is maxiumn effort and must be completed in under 9:30 mins.
  • Medicine Ball Throw – Complete a throw of a Medicine Ball weighing 4kg, in a seated position, to a distance of 3.1m. Candidates are allowed 3 attempts only. The best scored is to be recorded. All throws count as an attempt- there are no practice throws. The test is complete once a candidate achieves 3.1m or uses all 3 attempts. Candidates will be graded Pass/Fail.
  • Static Deadlift: A Mid-Thigh Pull (static deadlift) of 95 kg. Candidates are allowed 3 attempts at this test and the best score will be recorded. The first pull is a range finder/practice.


Do you fancy the role? You can find out more about the role here.