Army Package

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The Army Package holds all the essential items required for Army basic training. This pack is specifically designed for recruits going to ATC Pirbright and ATR Winchester, however it can also be extremely useful all other Army basic training units. This pack contains all the essentials items which are excluded from the Army’s “Welcome pack” but are a kit-list requirement for training.

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Contents (24+ items)

✅ Soap dish
✅ Nail clipper set (7pc)
✅ Towel set military brown (Flannel, hand and body)
✅ Towel set military Green (Flannel, hand and body)
✅ Baby wipes
✅ Cotton buds
✅ Cotton wool balls
✅ Hair brush
✅ Pens (2)
✅ Pencils (2)
✅ Highlighter set (5)
✅ Sharpie
✅ Altberg MOD brown (2 tins)
✅ Kiwi black (2 tins)
✅ Black horse hair boot brush set (1 medium brush & 1 applicator)
✅ Brown horse hair boot brush set (1 medium brush & 1 applicator)
✅ Scrubbing brush (for boots)
✅ Plasters
✅ Compeed blister plasters
✅ Carabiner (2)
✅ Supply Drop ultra-shine polishing cloth