Exercise Blue Warrior Pack (CPT)

£69.99 £54.99

All the items required for Exercise Blue Warrior (CPT) Week 7 are in this pack and at a fantastic price, be prepared from the start with these top quality essential items. Dont forget to checkout our RAF Halton Kit list pack if you haven’t already.




✅ Highlander military Head Torch with Red Filter

✅ Pack for 4 Panasonic AAA batteries (for head torch)

✅ Dark Green flannel & Dark Brown flannel

✅ Thermos Flask with screw lid (350ml)

✅ Small personal first aid kit

✅ Military Wash kit bag with built in mirror internally

✅ Tea towels in Dark colours (Grey and Green) (2)

✅ Waterproof Notebook

✅ Scouring Pads (2)

✅ Washing Sponges (2)

✅ Soap Dish

✅ Bar of soap

✅ Kiwi Dark Tan 100ml in total (not parade gloss)

✅ Plastic Zip bags X- Large (4)

✅ Plastic Zip bags medium (6)

✅ Windproof lighter Tor Jet (2)

✅ Toothbrush with holder