Our RAF Halton Order Pickup Point gives our customers the freedom to collect their essential RAF training kit right outside of RAF Halton and avoid the hassle of carrying from their home. This is especially beneficial if you have ordered heavier or more cumbersome items such as irons and ironing boards.

The importance of logistics

As you will learn in your RAF training, logistics are a very important part of performing your everyday life.

The RAF Halton, pickup point allows the new RAF recruit to choose where he wants to receive his order. You will be informed that the package is available at pick-up point and will only have to collect it when arriving at RAF Halton to start your 10 week basic training.

This also takes away the problem of being at home when the parcel arrives, having to collect the failed delivery or re-arranging the delivery. These are the last things that you want to be worrying about when you are concentrating on being fully prepared for the challenging 10 weeks ahead.

Supply Drop Collection Point Address

The address of the collection point:

Halton Camp Post Office

Rowborough Road

Halton Camp

HP22 5PL

There is our ‘Order Pick Up Point’ sign located outside the post office.

The Post Office will be open on all days and times that you will start your RAF basic training at RAF Halton.

The collection point allows the RAF recruit to choose the place that suits him best. You can decide the schedule and proximity that meets your requirement the best.

Advantages Of Our RAF Halton Order Pickup Point

Advantages of picking up your order at the Post Office directly outside RAF Halton training base include:

  • This option is totally free and is already proving very popular with new RAF recruits
  • The flexibility that best meet your needs. The Pickup point allows the RAF recruit to decide when to take delivery of their Supply Drop package and continue their preparation without having to stay at home waiting for delivery, re-arrange the delivery or collect the delivery at the warehouse.
  • There will be less chance of a risk of damage to your purchase due to a single guaranteed delivery point.

Other Reasons for Selecting Supply Drop

The RAF Halton pickup option is the latest innovative solution that has been introduced by Supply Drop to make the run up to RAF Initial training as simple as possible.

Supply Drop was formed by people who had experienced first-hand what it was like to purchase the extensive number of items required for military basic training. They had also experienced the consequences when you don’t buy exactly the right brand or item!

We were determined to provide a tested, complete and correct kit package for basic training that can easily be bought all in one place, at the click of a button and for an unbeatable price.

Supply Drop is undoubtedly the only trusted supplier in the market to offer this solution and is a proven success with recruits, saving them the time, money and stress of having to find all the correct military kit.

Our Complete Package contains all the essential items required on the military basic training kit list sent out by the AFCO. Supply Drop also provides smaller broken down packages which all together equate to the Complete Package; Ironing Package, Essentials Package, Washing & Cleaning Package, Sanitary Package and the Boot Care Package.