In this article, we look at past experiences to create a list of useful ideas on what to bring and do to your RAF Basic Training, RAF Phase 1 at RAF Halton.

  1. Shaving Gel is easier to keep clean for inspection and the pressurised shaving foam cans can leak throughout the day. Take shaving foam as well if you prefer to shave with foam.
  2. Purchase a small wash bag to carry around polish, and brushes. This will help you be clean your boots on the go and be ready for the next session with clean boots.
  3. Purchase combination pad-locks, as it is too easy to lose the keys for key opening padlocks
  4. Take re-sealable bags and pour foot powder into one of them. Then you can dip your foot into the bag to powder your feet and to avoid getting powder everywhere.
  5. Take two spoons – one for eating and one for inspections
  6. Buy a good quality iron and ironing board.  Read more about this in this article
  7. Wash your shirts two or three times then iron out the creases. This will make your shirts much easier to iron than just ironing straight out of the packet.
  8. To stop losing your socks in the wash, use a labelled washing bag.
  9. To help you clean thoroughly when things get really dirty take a nailbrush, tough boot brush and a toothbrush.
  10. Ensure you wear in your black shoes when you receive them before you start polishing. This will stop the polish cracking off the boots.
  11. Take some earplugs to help you get a good night’s sleep.

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