Royal Air Force training remains open for recruitment and is accepting applications for Regulars, Reserves, and Re-joiners as for the RAF pausing recruitment was not an option.

In the light of Covid-19, the Royal Air Force, decided that all face-to-face visits to AFCOs were suspended and some stages of the recruitment process were put on hold but all applications remained ‘live’.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, some recruits may experience longer waiting times for their application to be processed but training is going ahead.

Ongoing RAF Applications

If you have already applied to join the RAF, then your AFCO/Recruiter will be in contact via the candidate portal, email or by telephone to let you know which stages of the recruitment process can still be attended.

For candidates who are unable to take exams in the summer of 2020, the RAF will continue to process applications based upon the predicted grades which have been issued by the Exam Boards.

Fitness testing re-commenced on 10th August 2020 and medical exams are being performed in smaller numbers, so, it may take time a little time for your appointment dates to be confirmed.

Pre-Recruit Familiarisation visits are not taking place at RAF Halton and the Phase One Training dates are still valid for Airmen roles only, Initial Officer Training is currently on hold.

Changes to RAF Initial Training at RAF Halton

The coronavirus pandemic has forced almost all workplaces to change the way they work, and the RAF is no exception. From marching to eating, the Royal Air Force has had to adapt the way it teaches its recruits.

Some of the teaching at RAF Halton has not changed for some time, but every learning module has had to be reviewed and adapted for Covid-19.

RAF Halton has had no confirmed cases of Covid-19, and the small number of recruits who have shown any mild flu-like symptoms have been immediately isolated.

Some of the processes put in place to combat the Coronavirus are:

  • New recruits must have their temperature checked as they arrive at RAF Halton
  • Trips home during the 10-week basic training at RAF Halton have cancelled,
  • To avoid each other marching, mealtimes, and living arrangements have all been adjusted

The Sodexo catering team have continued to provide services while implementing the safety measures to protect against Covid-19. This has involved catering for phase one recruits on the base, and delivering catering services for 500 customers, three times a day.

RAF Basic Recruit Training Courses Need Instructors

As more and more recruits wish to join the RAF more Recruit Training Squadron Instructors are required.

The Basic Recruit Training Course for the RAF comprises of many areas of military training; from kit preparation, ironing, field craft, first aid, drill, air power knowledge and weapon training. During training you will need many items on your kit list to carry out these tasks efficiently, Supply Drop provides all the essentials required on your kit list in a single package!

The instructors are specifically selected by their Trades as ambassadors and role models of the RAF and they all must undergo a rigorous selection process to join the Squadron.

RAF Halton Public Notice of Flying

RAF Halton flying activity was resumed at RAF Halton airfield from Saturday 20 June.

The return of flying activity is to ensure that pilots can preserve their minimum capabilities to mitigate skill-fade and facilitate a safe return to full time operations once permitted.

Flying consists of powered-flying during the week and glider-flying during the weekends.

RAF Halton Supports the Ambulance Service

Increased shifts and extra support from RAF Halton helped the ambulance service cope during the Covid-19 crisis.

Their rapid response vehicles of the Co-responders for the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), based at RAF Halton, are out on the roads increasing the footprint of emergency ambulances and saving many lives.

The highest priority task for the SCAS is transporting patients to, from and between hospitals as safely as possible to receive ongoing treatments and minimise their exposure time in hospitals. The SCAS is also an important element in the plan in helping patients return home after COVID-19.

The service was under an immense amount of pressure and Halton personnel deployed with professionalism and dedication to their SCAS roles when the welfare of patients and the emergency first responders sent to their aid, was even more crucial.

Royal Air Force Training Initial Kit

As more and more people apply to join the RAF, there has been a heavy demand for the essential kit required by new recruitment for their Royal Air Force Training.

Please ensure that you are ready for you RAF Initial training by ordering your essential RAF initial training kit from Supply Drop